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Drug Addiction among Youth and how to overcome it.

Drug Addiction
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Drug addiction. A very major issue among the youth all over the world. A sad truth is that this addiction is one of the most adverse and chronic addiction. But the good thing is that in most of the cases it can overcome. Yes in most of the cases. Such cases are seen in the recent past in which the patients weren't able to recover and actually died.
To start off with, we need to know that how does drug addiction works. To understand this we must know that how is a message passed by the nervous system to our brain.
Our body reacts to any stimulus ( change in the external surroundings). The signals are received by receptors, then passed on to the other neurons of the body. The neurons joint end to end with small gaps between the end of the first neuron and the starting of the first neuron (called synapse). (Picture from
Their is a neurotransmitter present at the synapse. This neurotransmitter transmits the signals further to another …

Mobile Phone addiction among Youth and how to overcome it

Mobile Phone Addiction and how to overcome it.

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Mobile phone addiction is a state in which a person can't resist his or her phone. They want their phone near them every time no matter what they are doing and where they are
Sadly most of the urban teens are addicted to their mobile phones.
Now mobile phone addiction is hard to recover. This is because no matter what but nowadays you can't avoid using mobile devices. These devices though small but are incredibly powerful, and are very compact. So this becomes the primary digital device that we all carry with ourselves. As the phone is always with us therefore it is difficult to overcome this Addiction. But the good news is that it is possible.
As i said in my earlier post that to overcome any addiction, a new habit must be created to replace the addiction effectively. Same case is with this too.
So without any further a do lets move on to the steps to overcome mobile phone addiction.
STEP 1 - Set up and shut up your p…

Youngsters and Addiction

Youth And Addiction
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Addiction among youth nowadays is becoming more common. Majority of the teenagers are addicted to one thing or the other. Either it be their mobile phone or alcohol, majority of them are not able to overcome their addictions.
Due to addictions the teens someday feel guilty for their deeds and get depressed. This results them into committing a suicide or consume more of alcohol or taking drugs or doing anything injurious to health.
So to understand addiction, first of all we need to know that what actually addictions are. Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance like cocaine or alcohol or engages in an activity like gambling, sex, mobile phones, the internet etc. that can be pleasurable and continuation of which becomes compulsive for the person.
Addiction hampers the functioning of the brain. Due to consumption of drugs or alcohol or engaging in addictive activities releases certain hormones in your bra…

Being Yourself | Youth Problems | Major Youth problem |

Being Yourself

The youth of today is the future of tomorrow. If they are not cared then what would happen to the future of human kind. The term 'Being Yourself' looks simple but is not as easy to be in practical life.
In India where I live, there are a lot of youngsters out there who are afraid from being themselves. They fear what the society would say. They fear what if we fail to be successful? Sadly the society would answer will be "What was the need to do this stuff when there is no scope of it instead do engineering ?". And this answer would become a tag line for that particular person who tried to do something new.
This way the society demotivates the the young people to be themselves and believe in themselves.
A very good friend of mine is a very good singer. His voice is just mesmerizing. He also has technical knowledge in music. But sadly he cannot choose singing as his full time job just because of the fear of society.
To overcome such a fear first and the foremos…