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Being Yourself

The youth of today is the future of tomorrow. If they are not cared then what would happen to the future of human kind.
The term 'Being Yourself' looks simple but is not as easy to be in practical life.

In India where I live, there are a lot of youngsters out there who are afraid from being themselves. They fear what the society would say. They fear what if we fail to be successful?
Sadly the society would answer will be "What was the need to do this stuff when there is no scope of it instead do engineering ?". And this answer would become a tag line for that particular person who tried to do something new.

This way the society demotivates the the young people to be themselves and believe in themselves.

A very good friend of mine is a very good singer. His voice is just mesmerizing. He also has technical knowledge in music.
But sadly he cannot choose singing as his full time job just because of the fear of society.

To overcome such a fear first and the foremost step is to understand that failure is a part of being successful.
The richest people in world have failed. A common example to be taken is of the inventor of light bulb Thomas Edison failed a lot of times but they knew that failure is a part of success.

Second step is to believe in yourself. To be yourself you will have to believe in yourself. If you have a fear that you cannot then you would never be yourself.

Third step is to avoid all the criticism and the bad that the society says for. Instead use it as your motivation. Assume it as a challenge to yourself. The bad the words of the society the bigger and greater the challenge would be.

Fourth step is to get started. Unless you get started, the above points are of no use guys.
If you wanna paint then paint. You wanna sing then go and sing, record yourself and post it on YouTube buddy.

One benefit of being yourself is though you would get less money but you would always be happy doing your work and wouldn't regret later.

To be you is to be the original you. Copying someone won't mean that you are being yourself.

So guys be yourself and be happy.

This is AK signing of.

Have a good day :)


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