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Drug Addiction among Youth and how to overcome it.

Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction. A very major issue among the youth all over the world. A sad truth is that this addiction is one of the most adverse and chronic addiction.
But the good thing is that in most of the cases it can overcome. Yes in most of the cases. Such cases are seen in the recent past in which the patients weren't able to recover and actually died.

To start off with, we need to know that how does drug addiction works.
To understand this we must know that how is a message passed by the nervous system to our brain.

Our body reacts to any stimulus ( change in the external surroundings). The signals are received by receptors, then passed on to the other neurons of the body.
The neurons joint end to end with small gaps between the end of the first neuron and the starting of the first neuron (called synapse).
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Their is a neurotransmitter present at the synapse. This neurotransmitter transmits the signals further to another neurons.
Now you would be wondering why am I telling you this?
This is because the structure of drugs is something similar to that of the natural neurotransmitter in our brain. These drugs activate the neurons in our brain and effect our brain's rewarding system. Our brain is filled with dopamine which gives us a sense of joy and happiness.

Now this was the response of our brain towards drugs.

Now how to break this pattern and overcome the addiction.

STEP 1 - Have a great hard rock strong will and decide to quit.
Deciding to quit drug addiction is one of the hardest task.
But doing it the right way is the key.
Take a pen and paper and jot down all the benefits you think you will get after you quit this.
And keep one copy of the paper with you. One copy must be kept in a place where you see it just after you wake up.

This will help you to be motivated.

STEP 2 - Your commitment
Write a commitment letter and get its multiple copies.
Distribute it among your friends and family members.
This is will help you in 2 ways:-
1.) You will frequently be reminded about your commitment.
2.) You would not like to fail as this would become a public topic for making fun off and gossiping.

STEP 3 - Set a deadline
Set a deadline for accomplishing your goal. For eg- a deadline of 5 to 6 months will be sufficient enough.

STEP 4 - Start to remove the stuff which triggers you and makes you feel tempted.
Remove all the drugs from your surroundings. From your home, your workplace and everywhere you go.

STEP 5 - Get amidst nature
Get yourself in the lap of nature. Being surrounded by nature will calm you and your mind and keep you away from distractions and the dirty drugs.

STEP 6 - Seek clinical assistance
These all steps may be used alone but if this doesn't work efficiently then you must see a doctor.

Life is the most wonderful gift anyone can get, respect it. Don't abuse it.
Live happy, life great.

This is AK signing off.

Have a great day.

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