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Trick your brain to Trick procrastination | How to get rid of procrastination - BePerfect U

Trick procrastination using Metacognition!
We've now talked a lot about something called Procrastination. In the previous article, I've told you how to cope up with your limbic to get rid of procrastination. Today we will all discuss a lot about something known as the Metacognition. In very simplified terms, metacognition is 'thinking about thinking'. Now I know that's a bit weird and hard to understand. Let us understand metacognition in another way. You all (or rather we all) eat, sleep, sing, dance, run, play, study and do all the everyday human beingly stuff. We know that we are doing something. We are aware of our surroundings and what we are doing. This is metacognition. Knowing about your own thoughts is metacognition.
Now, what does metacognition have to do with procrastination? To understand this we must again have to switch to the working of our brain. Now when our basal ganglia make us procrastinate, somewhere within us we realize tha…

Procrastination | How to Stop It | Putting science to the work - BePerfect U

Stop Procrastination Putting science to the Work
Every human being would once have thought how to stop PROCRASTINATION.
Procrastination is something very everyday thing for everyone, a good enemy of ours. What's unbelievable is that our brain forces us to procrastinate. As explained about the science behind procrastination in my previous post, I mentioned the two ways through which we can stop procrastinating. So let us jump into the first one. 
Co-operating with the Limbic. Ohh! The limbic system, controlling our emotions and thus our emotions, is the culprit for why we procrastinate. Now to co-operate with your limbic would be an effective way to control yourself provided you are highly-self disciplined (which a majority of us aren't).
Assuming yourself being highly self-disciplined, let's dive into how to co-operate and maybe sometimes outsmart your limbic.
i. Deadlines aren't just DEAD
Coping with deadlines is actually challenging some…

Procrastination | The Brain and Procrastination | Why we Procrastinate - BePerfect U

Procrastination and The Brain

A word new to many in terms of their vocabulary but very familiar to almost everyone in their daily life.
In very simple and non-fancy words, procrastination means "Avoidance of any task that MUST be accomplished."
Now procrastination is so common among we youngsters (or better-said teenagers) that a very common example of procrastination can be taken up from our lives.
During your summer vacations, you get a ton of homework. Now what we do is we go home and... do anything we want but not that boring homework.

We play the whole day and that homework lies at a corner.
Now someday, that one day comes when we are getting bored. We don't have anything to do. Accidentally (yes accidentally), from nowhere comes the homework in front of our eyes. 
At first, we try to throw it away. But terrified of some strict teacher, your heart tells you to pick up the homework assignment.
You read …

Hacks to Manage Your Time And Increase Productivity

Fabulous Time Management Hacks to Simplify Your Life
"What The Heck!!! Why are their only 24 hours in a day?"
Now I'm sure that someday and sometime you would have uttered these words to yourself. People often complain that the time we get in a day is too short. Time just, glides away. And at the end of the day, you are like  "Hash!!! I'm very tired, I can't handle it anymore."
Now the problem is not with the limited time (though sometimes it may be ;D) but is with our attitude and daily routine. The solution? Little change of habits and a minor attitude transformation will hold good.
So here are some awesome hacks to ease your day.
1.Yes! Yes! Yes!
Now that's not a cheer for Daniel Bryan but still, keep that cheering attitude of yours towards your daily routine. "What? A daily routine check?" Now I know that it may seem boring but trust me, it is a way that will keep you on track all day long.
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Use your phone to manage your time

Use Your Phone to Manage Time
Hey hey hey guys. First of all sorry for a delayed post guys.
Now you would be wondering how can a phone be used for time management? The device which consumes the most of our time will help us to manage and save time!!! Now some people would say no way! This isn't possible.
In my point of view..., it is very possible. You just need something known as SELF DISCIPLINE and COURAGE and nothing else. ( A mobile phone is mandatory though.)
To start with, first you must ensure you aren't an addict, always glued to your phone.
So without wasting any time, lets get into it.
1. Prepare your phone.
Tasks become a lot more easier if you are ready before hand. It always a good option to prepare before hand. This lets you recognize what consequences you would have to face for the decisions you make. The same concept applies here. C…

Your Phone and Time

Phone!!! And Time???
(Image source
The mobile phones we use are real beasts. Though compact but beneath they store some extremely powerful hardware. Literally capable of doing anything, our phones today eat away a lot of precious time of ours. We spend our time looking through the mails, scrolling through the Facebook andInstagram news feed and chatting when we hold our phones in our hands.
To get rid of this we can either use the phone to the minimum or use it efficiently.
Today we will focus on using the phone to the minimum so you can get more time for your family and yourself.
Without any waste of time, let's get started...
STEP 1 - Are you addicted to your phone??? Mobile phone addiction. A great topic. If you are addicted to your phone and want to recover, you are at the right place You can refer to our article previously written in the same or click here
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STEP 2 - Analyse the way you use the phone Do you really "NEED"…