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Hacks to Manage Your Time And Increase Productivity

Fabulous Time Management Hacks to Simplify Your Life


"What The Heck!!! Why are their only 24 hours in a day?"

Now I'm sure that someday and sometime you would have uttered these words to yourself. People often complain that the time we get in a day is too short. Time just, glides away. And at the end of the day, you are like 
"Hash!!! I'm very tired, I can't handle it anymore."

Now the problem is not with the limited time (though sometimes it may be ;D) but is with our attitude and daily routine.
The solution?
Little change of habits and a minor attitude transformation will hold good.

So here are some awesome hacks to ease your day.

1.Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now that's not a cheer for Daniel Bryan but still, keep that cheering attitude of yours towards your daily routine.
"What? A daily routine check?"
Now I know that it may seem boring but trust me, it is a way that will keep you on track all day long.

2.What ? To-Do?

A To-Do is your best friend to drive you through your day without getting away with distractions.
"Oh wow! That awesome trending video of BB. I can't wait to watch it...."
Now if you go to watch that awesome video, I guarantee that you won't come back until your 1GB Jio gets sucked up and there would be no juice left.
Not you would waste your time but you will also kill your data. (though it isn't a crime still don't do that)
You can watch that video later when you do your stuff done. 
With this, we come to our next HACK that is


You must know how to NO!
Say NO to all the stuff that is not needed.
NO to your phone, your TV, your everything (This is not applicable on your work, your To-Do and your routine)


Are you out of ya mind AK?
Are you telling us to sleep?
The answer is yes. Lie down in your cosy bed and sleep. Sweet Dreamssszzz...
But wait a minute, there are a few terms and conditions here
You need to sleep no more than 8 hours and no less than 6 hours.
Sleeping more or less than the specified limit as above will decrease your productivity and energy levels and can cause a lot of diseases in the long run.
Studies have shown that people who had adequate sleep were more efficient at time management than those who either slept a lot or slept for a short duration of time.
So take your pillow and sleep.

5.Keep your body Movin'

Now the whole mankind is aware of the benefits of exercising. From leisure to treasure, you get everything when you are fit and healthy. 
Run, play or hit the gym, do whatever you want to do. But make sure to exercise.

6.Fuel Up The Right Fuel


You are probably hungry now?
You slept, checked your routine and To-Do and exercised too. Now its time for a treat.
But hey don't you dare to eat junk. All your packaged food, the chips that you love, the strawberry cake you can't resist, the pizza from the Oven baked with extra cheese on top!!!
Seems to be a very tasty treat but sorry you aren't allowed to eat that. Eat your green veggies, fruits and other healthy stuff out there.
Eating junk occasionally is fine though

7.Enjoy what you do!


Enjoying the work you do doesn't only enhances your mood but also increases your productivity and time management capabilities.
Be happy while you work to effectively work, manage your time and add more value to your work.

Managing your time gets you wonders. Once you learn to manage time, I bet you, you can manage the whole world.
So what are you waiting for
Get started.
Hope you guys like today's post
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This is AK signing off.
You guys have a great day.

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