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Procrastination and The Brain

A word new to many in terms of their vocabulary but very familiar to almost everyone in their daily life.
In very simple and non-fancy words, procrastination means "Avoidance of any task that MUST be accomplished."
Now procrastination is so common among we youngsters (or better-said teenagers) that a very common example of procrastination can be taken up from our lives.
During your summer vacations, you get a ton of homework. Now what we do is we go home and... do anything we want but not that boring homework.

We play the whole day and that homework lies at a corner.
Now someday, that one day comes when we are getting bored. We don't have anything to do. Accidentally (yes accidentally), from nowhere comes the homework in front of our eyes. 
At first, we try to throw it away. But terrified of some strict teacher, your heart tells you to pick up the homework assignment.
You read what the tasks to be done. You realize that doing such work is a piece of cake for you. Your mind tells you, "Hey you, yes you reading this, that crazy homework is so easy that it can be done in a few days in the last week of the holidays. So, enjoyyyy..."
Now what happens is the last week of your holidays will be over in 2 days and you have your school reopening on the 3rd day.
Your heart yells at you to do your homework but your mind says, "Shut up your damn heart. You still have a week to submit after the school reopens. So enjoyyyy...'
Its the 2nd day of the school. You are now tensed, your heart starts to beg you and your mind also allows you to listen to your heart.
You take a very brave decision to start your "crazy piece of cake".

In any way, you complete 2 of your subject's homework, still, there are 3 subjects left.
Now you make a master plan. A master plan worthing more than your pocket money.
You decide to do 2 subjects yourself and pay a child 500 bucks to do the last subject.
At last, waking up the whole night you finish the "not piece of cake anymore" stuff just on the last day of submission.

You submit your homework to the teacher and feel like a King or rather not. Maybe you feel like a loser or anything worse you think of.

Though at last, you regret to not to listen to your heart and listen to your brain.

But still, you can't do anything or... you can.

Your brain here tells you to procrastinate.

Now I'm sure that every one of you would have understood what procrastination is and how it works.

But Why Do Procrastination Happen?
Though there are no such reasons understood why this happens but according to some studies, this happens due to the absence of self-regulation.

Now today I won't tell you how t get rid of Procrastination but I must tell you further that how our brain tells us to procrastinate so as to develop a greater understanding of the topic.

The Science Of Procrastination

To start with, you have to understand what Limbic system is
Basically, the limbic system is a complex set of structures that lies on both sides of the thalamus (part of the brain).
Including the amygdala, hippocampus. thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia and cingulate gyrus.
The limbic system is responsible not only for our emotional lives but also responsible for learning and formation of new memory connections in our brain.
When we procrastinate, our limbic system dominates our prefrontal cortex.
This process takes about 5 seconds to occur.
The limbic system is very important as it controls our emotions like fear, danger, anger etc.
The reason for the domination of limbic system is because it contains all the parts of the brain that make emotional decisions. 
Now this domination of limbic system over our prefrontal cortex is absolutely normal which every human being experiences.

Now anyone can say that getting rid of procrastination can be so easy, just stop your limbic system to execute (which is impossible in a healthy human brain) or be faster than the limbic system.
Though being faster than the limbic system is difficult as you might not realize when your hippocampus, the amygdala and basal ganglia are working. But the processing of this information by brain takes about 5 seconds as I told earlier.
The best way is to do something in those 5 seconds.
One more way is to control yourself. You can't force your limbic system to work according to your voluntary will but you can do is control yourself and slowly your brain will also adapt to it.

I hope you all have understood the mechanism of your brains.
Now, this was important because procrastination is such a thing which seems controllable but isn't.
Without knowing the mechanism of our brains, the solutions can't actually be understood.

So that's all for today guys.
I hope you like it

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This is AK signing off.
You guys have a great day.

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