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Stop Procrastination
Putting science to the Work


Every human being would once have thought how to stop PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is something very everyday thing for everyone, a good enemy of ours.
What's unbelievable is that our brain forces us to procrastinate.
As explained about the science behind procrastination in my previous post, I mentioned the two ways through which we can stop procrastinating.
So let us jump into the first one. 

Co-operating with the Limbic.
The limbic system, controlling our emotions and thus our emotions, is the culprit for why we procrastinate.
Now to co-operate with your limbic would be an effective way to control yourself provided you are highly-self disciplined (which a majority of us aren't).

Assuming yourself being highly self-disciplined, let's dive into how to co-operate and maybe sometimes outsmart your limbic.

i. Deadlines aren't just DEAD

Coping with deadlines is actually challenging sometimes (or most of the times).
Our brains are wired for our survival rather than getting the work done. If you want to push yourself harder, your brain will stop you. It wants you to survive, if you do something uncomfortable, it will definitely stop you.
Why is it so?
The answer is simple, we are evolved to do so.

Now you might be thinking from nowhere came the survival and evolution of humans in between the crazy deadline stuff. But why?
This is because deadlines work on the same principle. Often there is something undesirable that would happen if we don't accomplish our task within the deadline. Now this undesirable stuff is what our brain is evolved to avoid.
So there is a sense of threat in your mind that makes you do the work and leave procrastination.
Now, this is when you aren't outsmarting your brain but co-operating with the limbic as well as the amygdala, which is a major part of the limbic.


Now the KING  is highlighted as chunking is the way that you could use to feel like a King every day.
Chunking is nothing but breaking your work into bits of smaller but meaningful hunks. You could then work on these chunks alone to accomplish your tasks.

Sometimes the foundational reason for procrastination is the workload we feel. Workloads can be almost eliminated by chunking.
You will feel like A King because you will get the most done out of your day, you will feel like you have been given a new life, a new energy, a new and rich soul and rich souls are of those who are Kings.

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iii.Use the power of FEAR

Wait? What?
Power of fear? If fear is a power, then why don't we harness it? These would be the questions in your mind.

Why don't we harness the power of fear?
The answer is,
we do harness the power of fear but subconsciously.
Think of a situation you were chased by an angry dog. You were so fearful and petrified, you just ran as fast as you can, you left the notification that came on your phone, you forgot about all likes, shares, comments stuff.
This is the power of fear. Though biologically termed as a Reflex Action, this is what is known as the power of fear.

Now, have a fear of what you don't want to happen. But a precaution is that please don't fear failure. Yes! Don't Fear Failure. 
Plan what you have to do and have this fear of what not to do. That drive you through your way.

iv.Fill up the bucket

"Now you gonna train Hard? If so, you will sweat."
This statement from any anonyms speaker drives me crazy.
Now, when you will be working hard, putting efforts, you will get the results. Results are what the speaker symbolizes in form of sweat.
Sweat is the outcome of your hard training and so is the result of your efforts.
It takes a lot of work to take out each drop of sweat out of your body. So is true with your efforts. 
You will have to train a lot to fill up the bucket with sweat.
You will have to work a lot to get the desired results out.

v.Reward for each bucket filled


To fuel up after training, a post-workout is required. Same applies to the input and output cycle of your work.
You will have to reward yourself to be motivated and be focused.

Co-operating with your limbic is a bit difficult in the starting, when you get used to it, miracles happen.
Though this is one of the best one among many ways to beat procrastination, outsmarting your brain, being faster than your limbic will still be a more efficient way.

Though co-operating with the limbic is great but combining it with metacognition and outsmarting the brain and limbic will turn you into a work machine.
But the human brain focuses on small bits of information more efficiently during a frame of time.
So focusing on the co-operation for a day or two will get you used to it.
Till you get the hang of co-operation, I will be here to tell you how to be faster than your limbic.

This is all for today guys.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If so please share my efforts to help others overcome this serious problem.

This is AK signing off!
You guys have a great day

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