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62 Ways to Improve Your Life | BePerfect U

62 Ways to Improve Your Life

Who doesn't wants to improve his life?
 Everyone wants to live a good life, want to live happily, earn more, spend more.
But the road to that seems straight but isn't. The road gets all squiggly. But there's a relief.
I'm here to back you.

Before jumping into the crazily effective ways, the only ways you will get results is applying them.

So without any further-a-do, let's get STARTED


Thinking positive is very important. I think actually most of you know the fact very well that if we always continue to think negative, we actually become negative.
Always think positive. It will make things seem better.


Now from 'moving' I actually mean that perform, take consistent action. Taking action is the key. If you can't take action, I bet you can't do anything worthy.
I advise you to take baby steps rather starting very big.


Oh! what? Read!!!!
This statement would be running in your blood. You would be thinking that You read so much as a student and one more book!!!
It may seem horrible and dangerous.
But what I'm talking about is SELF IMPROVEMENT books.
And you must believe me, they help a lot.


Everyone wants to be the most daring and "The No Fear" person in the room.
But the problem is, everyone can't.
There is always a fear, a hesitation while starting something new.
You will have to face them to get to another side of the road guys.


No successful product in the market is incomplete. Then why don't you finish what you start?
If you don't have the courage to finish the work, you better don't start.
If you don't want tasks to be a burden on you, GET IT DONE.


Changing the UnComfortable "NOW" into Comfortable "THEN" is a great task and a big challenge.
But if accomplished, I bet you there would be no regrets in your life.
Push yourself, push the limits and get out of your comfort zone.


Having a great physical health will force your mind to be healthy. A healthy body is more productive. Your brain is more powerful than any supercomputer made but with a bad health, you can't get the most out of your brain


Seems boring to many people but is wonderful for your mind and body. Meditating just for as short as 5 minutes will help to improve the mind-body connection.
Meditation will result in a mindful you.
So go and MEDITATE


Whether it is just habits or addictions, you can overcome. 
Breaking those bad habit connections in your mind will actually promote the quality of your living and make you feel happier than ever before.
Quitting your bad habits will actually add up to your success.


Find your passion and fall in love with it. This is because following your passion may initially lead to less income but you will actually feel more fulfilled and satisfied.
And loving your work will ultimately improve the quality of the work you do result in bigger revenues for you.
So find your passion and love it.


Now making others happy can be the simplest way to be happy and improve the overall quality of your life. Though it might not directly influence your quality of life, indirectly, it has a great job to do.

It can be as simple as appreciating a 5-year-old boy for learning the numbers from 1 to 10 or may it be helping someone, the chances are, you will be happier than you are. 


Now, this may sound like doing a brave act.
Let it be stopping someone from a suicide or stopping any drunk person from driving, everything which prevents any kind of accident is actually saving a life.


Now ignoring failures doesn't mean that repeating the same mistake over and over again but it means that taking a lesson from them and improving yourself.
Now it is human tendency to feel down and sad upon a failure. But giving up is foolishness. 
You failed and you gave up. Believe me, you wouldn't realize it now but after 5, 10, 20, 30 years, giving up on that task might be your greatest regret in your life.


Taking a break from your routine sometimes is actually proven to be good for you and your brain. It can actually increase your productivity by 25%.
So just add a slot to take a break in your whole day busy routine to explore yourself.

These were the first 15 ways of the 62. Stitching all the 62 pieces together would be harmful to both of us.
So that's all for today guys.

Comment down a regret you have and what you did to overcome it (or what is going on!).
If you liked today's article, please do share it with your buddies. It would be a great help for me [It is good to help ;)] 

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This is AK signing off
You guys have a great day.

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