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62 ways to improve your life [part 3]

62 ways to improve your life [more ways]

Hey guys, I'm back again with some more practical and easy ways to get you back on track and get a kick start.

Not wasting any time further, let's jump right into the ways and hows.


Now it is possible to think that-
What? Disconnect to connect?
How's that EVEN POSSIBLE? 
But wait, guys, what if I tell you that it is possible.
Just switch your mobile data and Wi-Fi off. Disconnect from the virtual world to connect to the real world. That's simple. Right?
If not, it might be that you are ADDICTED! to your little superintelligent companion. If you think so, you can read our article on overcoming mobile phone addiction

There are several advantages of disconnecting from the virtual world.
The most important of them is that you will get time to look after yourself. Taking action for self-care will force you to take action for the care of others.
Connecting with your family, your friends and to yourself will make you a better person as a whole. 


Many of you would ask,"What is it to just say good morning?" 
But the twist is to say good morning early in the morning.

Waking up early is actually the real remedy to solve almost all the issues of your life.
When you wake up early, you actually have more time to do your tasks.
You can devote some extra time to your self-improvement too, just by waking up early in the morning. 
Bonus Tip

Set up a morning ritual. Every successful person alive has a morning ritual.
Tony Robbins, Bil Gates, Warren Buffet, Tom Bilyeu, Mukesh Ambani and all other richies have three things in common.
1. They are among the richest people in the world.
2. They are morning people and not night owls.
3. They have morning rituals.
What they have done is that they were consistently following their morning rituals. This made them attract success rather than they going towards success.

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Image result for fight
Who doesn't loves freedom? Surely, everyone does. So why to fight over what's non-productive and unjustified.
Fighting results in adrenaline rush through your bloodstream.Though adrenaline rushing through your body is absolutely fine but when you fight, you often get angered. This anger also releases Cortisol (stress hormone) which isn't good for your health. 
The release of cortisol too often isn't good for the physical and mental health of the person. It results in mental fatigue and problems of hypertension and in severe cases a myocardial infarction too.

But when fighting for a justified and right reason, be sure to put your full effort into it. Because fighting for a right reason is good and you are actually helping people rather than just wasting your energy.
Therefore, fight, but only for the right. This will give you mental relief and a sense of satisfaction.

Image result for be grateful

You are one of the luckiest people in the world. You have all your senses alright, every trendy piece of outfit that you think will look great on you, and after all, you have parents to look after you.
There are people who are specially-abled, who don't how it is to be with the family and how lovely is the love of parents.

What happens is in this world of modern competition, we are engrossed in our stuff only. Everyone is writing their own story. Though this can't be avoided to survive. 
Taking some time out and spending it amidst nature or with great people, being grateful is a really great way to cope up with mental stress and make your life better.


Image result for take a break

Sometimes taking a break from your daily busy, full of hassle and tiring routine is OKAY. In fact, it is a better option rather than just sticking to that daily routine.
Taking breaks has actually been proved to be a great deal for you and your brain (your brain loves deals!). Taking breaks improves your productivity and helps in retaining and strengthening memory.
But planning your breaks are important. Your breaks must not be very long ones. Using the Pomodoro technique can prove to be very useful. It includes working with full focus for either 25 minutes or 45 minutes and taking a 5 minute or 15-minute break respectively.
Taking breaks is very important. So what are you waiting for, have a break


Image result for feedback

What to do with a feedback? I'm not a service provider or a product manufacturer to ask for a feedback?
Asking for a feedback may seem very dumb and awkward, but actually, it isn't.
It is not compulsory to provide a feedback form to the person. A feedback can be done without any paper required.
Your feedback will allow you to know your mistakes and hence improve them to make yourself better. 
Making mistakes is good but until you learn from them.

Image result for mentor

Referring a mentor is a really great way to promote your self-development. 
The richies always have a mentor for them. Steve Jobs too had mentors and not 2 or 3 but 10 mentors.
Investing in a mentor is very beneficial in the long run as it will always help you to make good and justified decisions.

Image result for be kind

Being kind and light-hearted to everyone around you is the least you can do to make others as well as yourself happy.
Being kind takes zero effort. But still, it is a difficult task for many people to be kind.
Trust me, once you start to be kind to people around you, you will change your perspective. You will really feel great about the world and about yourself too.

You must have made a goal to achieve in life (Isn't it?). 

There can be zillion different ways to get towards that goal. But can you try every way out there? Definitely not.

You must train your willpower to change directions.
With this, I don't mean to change the goal. I mean that if one way doesn't work for you then you can always switch to another.
Sometimes it happens when things don't work as you think. So it's always better to accept that and change the way you do the work.


Image result for learn from people

There might be a bunch of people you may wish to learn from. The people who inspire you. Then why to hesitate?
Go out and reach them. Ask them to teach you something.

Learning from the people who inspire you is actually a really great and impactful way to self-improve. It deeply impacts your brain.Teachings of such inspiring people are strongly ingrained in our brains because our brain thinks that a teaching from such a great personality, wow! it must definitely be something valuable. So what your brain does is that it forces you to concentrate on the teaching and learn that as it can prove beneficial for your SURVIVAL in hard times.

Must Read: Hacks to manage time and increase productivity.

You want a better life which is even more effective?
Cultivate some new and good habits. Habits that help you in your bad times as well as good times. 

Waking up early in the morning.
Being grateful.
Being kind.
Being helpful.
Believing in yourself.
Working your ass off to achieve that dream.

All these aren't just steps but are small but effective daily habits.
Remember that where you are today is a result of your habits and your decisions and where you will be tomorrow will also be a result of your habits and your decisions.

Image result for avoid negative people

Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."
Now, this is something interesting. You come across many people in life. Some become your friends, some enemies and some still are strangers.
You might have some negative friends in your life. Those people who bring you down. Those friends who neither do anything themselves nor does anyone else do anything.

Now I don't say that you should not talk to such people but I say that you "MUST" not talk to them. Sometimes their negativity is so intense that you can become demotivated to achieve what you dream of.

The best way to avoid negative people is by connecting with positive people.
Positive people are dreamers, chasers, motivators, supporters and even visionaries.
Positive people will make you a better person, support you, push you to meet your goals, inspire you and help you to transform and develop.
So, meet and connect with positive people.

What did you pick up on today's article? Please let me know in the comments down below.

I hope you liked today's post. If you did so, then please stay tuned to our blog. 
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Thank You
This is AK signing off.
You guys have a great day.

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