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More Ways To Improve Your Life | BePerfect U

More Ways To Improve Your Life

Hey guys! I hope you all enjoyed my last post and gained something from it. I would like to know if you applied any of the ways in your daily routine (comment down below).
But if you felt that there wasn't enough for you, here are some more ways before you to SELF IMPROVE.


A major difference between the unsuccessful and the successful is that the successful people accept their mistakes.
Leaving your ego aside and accepting mistakes is not an easy job, trust me. But when you leave your ego aside, you would feel that why didn't I do this before???
There would be a new you. The no ego YOU.
And remember, if you made a mistake, you are growing.


If you ask any successful person that what is the most powerful thing in the world? Their answer would most probably be TIME
Time is something which when goes then never comes back.
If you really want to maximize your outputs, then learn to manage time.


What is Idiot Box? It is nothing but your T.V(s).
Yes, you need to switch off your T.V to live a more positive life. Though there are many educational programmes on the channels like NatGeo, Discovery and HistoryTV18, the amount of time spent on them for knowledge is huge. The same knowledge can be acquired by reading books and it would actually take lesser time as well.
So switch your idiot box now.


Just keep doing your stuff no matter what. There will a be a ton of naysayers, demotivators, negative people and many other envy people. Now what you have to do is to just KEEP GOING. Ignore naysayers, smash demotivators, destroy negative people and make the envy more jealous of your achievements.


Now learning a new language may be a difficult task to do but this might prove to be helpful when you visit a distinct land and you are the only one in your group of ten people to know that language.
Not only this could be a great chance to get your crush eyes on you ;) but it would also be beneficial to you and your group.


You got to improve yourself. Right? 
Then how can you ignore the role of DISCIPLINE in our lives?
A major part of what you are today is because of your discipline. Your self-discipline carves your way through the valleys to the big mountains.


You might have your own room, a little personal space in your house. Make this room an Inspirational Room.
Whenever you are in the room, you are inspired, you are motivated.
Get some inspiring messages, get them framed and hang it on the walls. Place them in such a way that you see them a lot during your daytime.
You will start to feel the change.


Just like learning a new language, learning a new hobby creates new neural connections in your brain. This makes you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good, you do what is good.


You have skills but don't effective as per your expectations?
BRUSH THEM UP. You need to get better, BRUSH YOUR SKILLS. Unless and until your skills don,t get you the desired results, they are a liability to you. Turn those liabilities into YOUR ASSETS.


Are you willing to grow INSANELY? Take challenges, take risks, take the pain. Challenges force you to push your limits. Pushing your limits takes forced efforts and results in forced growth. 
Don't wish for situations to be easy but wish that you were tougher.


If you ever get a chance to ask any self-made multi-billionaire, how did they achieved such level of success?
Thier first answer will be FOCUS. The billionaires know what to focus on and what not to focus on. 
Focusing on the correct tasks will not take you towards success but will attract success to you.


You are focusing, but just concentrating and focusing on a glass of water won't make it fly and come to you, you will have to get up and take it.
The key step is to take CONSISTENT ACTION. Taking consistent action will get you to the level you aim for.
Combining the lethal weapon of action with the strength of focus makes an unstoppable and deadly combination.
So go and get that deadly weapon.


People are really attached to their past. A very famous EXCUSE is that people say, "I've always been like this."
If being the same as you were previously won't work if you got no results in the past. Now it's your decision to work ou ass off or make excuses.


With blind spots, I mean your weaknesses. Thier can be nothing more advantageous than making your weaknesses your strengths. Identify your weaknesses and work on them.


Fear is a natural behaviour of the human being. Overcoming it is a challenge. You will sweat, cry and might even pee in your pants but overcoming the fear is the only option.
Once you overcome your fear, you would realise why the shit I was being fearful??
Be fearless, be a beast.

This was all for today guys.
Sorry for delayed posts folks, I'm trying harder and harder to get you the relevant information as soon as possible.

Hope you guys liked today's post. If you did like it then please share this post to spread awareness among more and more people.
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This is AK signing off
You guys have a great day.

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