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The Ultimate Ways To Improve Your Life | BePerfect U

Ultimate Ways To Self Improve

The New Year is just at our doors now. Isn't it?

Now some of you would be saying to themselves,"That's it. I'm tired of being the worst of me!!! The very first day in 2018 everyone will see the best of me!!!" 

Ummm..... a confidence in such intensity is something I'd call
But will this last for the whole year? or is this just a one-day feeling which is what you feel like the very first day every year?
Now you must answer this question not to me, not to your mum and not even your dad. Not your friend(s) nor the teachers. The person you have to answer is YOURSELF. 
Until and unless you commit something to yourself, I bet you-you won't do anything that you want to do.

This New Year, have a fresh start, get your ass off the chair and dare to do the work.

To help you get a kickstart, here are the ultimate ways to improve yourself.

Believe In Yourself

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We all suffer from uncertainty and failure at times. During such times, people often break and give up on their dreams and become unsuccessful.

The biggest difference between a successful people and an unsuccessful people isn't about how intelligent they are or how many degrees are hung on their walls. 
Rather, it's about "Self-Belief". 
The unsuccessful don't believe in themselves. Whereas the successful believing in themselves always figure out one or the other solution to their problems no matter what.

Learn New Stuff
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This New Year, why not start fresh?
You can pick up new courses to learn new skills. May it be painting or mastering to play the Piano, or may it be learning a new language and literature or conquer the Python, C++ and JAVA.
Filling your brain with fresh and good information from the very starting of the year to the very end gives you a great headstart over your peers.
Then why not to take the advantage?

Write a Letter
Write a letter. Yes! Seems simple? Actually... it is.
Take a piece of paper, plain and white. Take a pen you enjoy writing with and write a letter to your "FUTURE YOU". 
Imagine yourself as you admire to be in the future and keeping that imagery in your mind, write a letter to that great personality who is under construction.

After writing the letter, don't post it. 
Keep the letter at a place where you can see it almost everytime and you are compelled to read it over and over again every day!

Start a LIFE Handbook
What is a Life Handbook? 
A life handbook is no ordinary stuff. It has something powerful. It has ideas, opinions and is customized as per your requirement.
Now, this seems a great product with 0 fame. Right?
But what if I told you that this magic product is available on every stationary?
Get yourself a small, carry-along handbook. Jot down every idea you think of in it. Write down every opinion which seems helpful for enhancing the quality of your idea and filling up any potholes. 
This small book can get you somewhere where the whole world will have to look up to the sky to see you.

Learn From Your Friends

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This one seems a bit crazzyyyy!!

Finding out good in your friends can get tough most of the time(🤣🤣). But noticing the good in everyone is something that will give you a great personality.

Some of your friends might be good at sports, some at studies, some at singing or dancing or some may be a great personality.
It's a really great way to learn from your buddies. This will prevent you from getting bored.


Learn A Strategy Game
With strategy games, I don't mean to play Clash Of Clans or anything like that. Instead, learn to play chess. Playing chess has proven to help the brain to develop.

But what if you are not into indoor games?

No problem. You can still opt for outdoor games. 
Playing team sports like football, basketball, baseball or individual sports like badminton or tennis are proven to engage your brain and help it develop.

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Challenges are interesting, isn't it? So why not make use of them.
Frame a 30-day challenge for yourself. 
It can be anything. Next 30-days to wake up at 5 in the morning or next 30-days of getting your butt kicked at the gym.
These are a fun, adrenaline-boosting way to accomplish your goals. 
You will enjoy them a lot and the good part is if you stick to the plan, you will see incredible results.

Learn To Communicate
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"What's the big deal man! I'm pretty good at taking with my buddies...!"
Making a conversation with your buddies isn't a big deal. You already know them pretty good. There is nothing challenging here.
The real challenge lies in making a conversation with strangers, the people you are meeting for the first time.
For some people, they may be just a bit hesitant but in some cases, people start to panic especially when talking to the opposite sex.

The key to conquer the hesitation and the awkward silence stuff is to ask questions about the person whom you are talking to.
Ask about their interests, their passion and stuff.

Starting this way will bang your conversation and may also prove to be an awesome first impression (😝).

Refine Your Goals
You have goals. That's great! 
Now answer this question: "ARE YOUR GOALS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT?"
If YES, that's wonderful. But if your answer was a NO then you need not worry.
Maybe you have a lot many goals. But narrowing down your focus on a single goal will be very helpful.
Now try to achieve that goal with perfection. The more perfectly you will achieve your goals, the more quality output you give.

Ask For Wisdom
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C'mon man, you must be wise in order to improve yourself.
There will be circumstances when conditions will not be favourable for you. Failures, setbacks, anxiety, doubt and the list goes on and on and on...
It all depends on how wisely you tackle the situations.

People wish for the circumstances to be easy, but I want you to wish that you were better.

Demand Integrity
Integrity s the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
A well-known saying goes "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY".

Being honest is not a very difficult task. You just have to be truthful with yourself and truthful to others.

Have strong moral principles. Make some own principles for yourself which reflects the morality you have integrated into yourself.

Take Responsibility
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Take charge of your work. Be the responsible for what you do and for what you are.
Blaming anyone for what has occurred takes no effort and seems safe but will cause you harm in the long run.
Taking responsibility for your work takes effort but is beneficial in the long run. And it will also make a good impression.

Learn To Cope With Difficult People
Handling difficult people is not a piece of cake. These people can be so annoying and terrible. But once you learn to manage such people, your life will become easier.

To know more about how to cope with difficult people 
click here

Connect To the Experts
You know what your aim is. Now it's time for you to connect with people who are really good in the field you work in.
If possible meet the experts through any means either through digital means or face to face. 
Connecting with them and learning will prove a great deal to you.

Live With Intensity
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Live a great and cheerful life full of energy. Work with full enthusiasm. Being happy and living to the fullest every day will enable to live your life with intensity.

Do good deeds. Have patience and just do what you are doing with enthusiasm. You will enjoy your life.

Find Your Space
Find yourself every day. Have a space for yourself in your daily routine. 
Rejuvenating yourself everyday in peace with fresh thoughts will help you relieve stress and also help you avoid negativity.
You will feel positive vibes resonating to you. 

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Invest Your Profits
Image result for money investment

If you earn, then you must invest your profits or savings.

Starting to invest in a Mutual Funds with an average to intermediate return would help a lot in the long run. Remember to keep investing a couple of bucks every month in it.
To know more about investing your money in a Mutual Fund
click here

What if you don't earn or you are a student.
Still, you can save your pocket money or some random cash you get any day in a savings account at any bank. It will be beneficial(🤑🤑).

Turn People
Now I don't mean to flirt to turn on people(😝) but what I mean is go and connect with your haters and show them some love.
Now by doing this, it is not sure that they might become your friends or your fans. But you will come to know is their opinions about you. you might also spot a setback or a bad habit you have.
Now you can work on those setbacks to improve yourself.

Read Self Improvement
Reading 1 self-improvement article every day can bring a drastic change in you.
And it is not only that you read articles. You can purchase great books on self-improvement written by renowned authors like Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk.

We here BePerfect U also stress on your self-improvement and inspiring people.
Please stay tuned if you want to transform into the best you.

 Image result for commit

Commit to your self-improvement and growth. 
Your commitment must be unbreakable and you'll see that you are improving. 

Self-improvement is not a one-day or over-night stuff that will get along.
You will have to put effort and time in it to get results.

I hope you all liked today's post and will get something out of it.
Please share and subscribe.

Wishing you all readers a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May your all dreams and wishes come true this coming year. And may you all Self-improve yourself to accomplish your life goals this year.

Thank You
This is AK signing off...
You guys have a great day.

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