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Do You Feel Stuck In Your Life? | BePerfect U

Simple Things To Get Your Life Moving Again

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As a blogger and a pretty organized person (not praising myself), I almost always have a crystal clarity on what I'm dealing with. There is some kinda inner voice that keeps me driven to be on track.

But this world has a lot of flavours for you to taste and some aren't really that good to try.
Sometimes there are situations that you stop. You are stuck. It seems like a never-ending traffic jam. 

This happens to everyone on the planet. Recently, I also felt stuck on what's happening and what would I do but luckily I tried and built some momentum to get myself on the B again.

Here's what I did to be back on track once again.


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When we feel stuck, we often get a plethora of other negative stuff in our brains. We start to doubt ourselves, curse ourselves, think that we are just a*****es.
Now, this mindset won't bring you joys but sorrow.

Displacement reactions in chemistry are pretty great because they are easy to understand. One compound substitute the other to form a different chemical product.
The same principle applies to your stuck life.
Displace or substitute any negative thought that comes to your mind to a positive affirmation.
If some crap like,"Oh my God, I'm such a terrible person, I even don't know how to get that girl" comes to your mind then affirm to yourself,"That girl, yes that one will be their BHABHI" (for all the non-Indian readers of mine, BHABHI is Hindi word for Sister-In-Law).

This mindset of yours will make you get moving and you'd work like hell.


You can't just get moving if you don't love the work you do and in times of sorrow, when you don't feel good and stuck, do something you love to do. Play the guitar if you love to, you love to read then read.
Doing something you love will uplift your mood to get you back in the game.


If you are an athlete, then you'd be familiar with 'Break The Routine' concept followed during the training or at the gym. 

Our bodies get used to a training routine in 6-8 weeks and then stops to show any further growth until there is a new routine to get your hands on.
The same concept is applicable to our brains too.
This incredible little guy just gets stuck and f*ckedup with the old routine work.

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A great way to escape this trap is to do something new and fresh. Go to the store on your foot instead of driving your luxurious Audi just to get some bread.
You can even do your old stuff in some new and interesting spiced up ways rather than doing it in the old boring ways.

Instead of doing your dishes the traditional way, play some rock music and start shaking your damn' butt while doing the dishes. Your kitchen would seem to be a dance floor.
You got a new way to rock your own party.


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Nature is the best healer. Being amidst green lush trees can make your day. But in this urban lifestyle it is rather more difficult to find trees than to find a free parking spot for your car. 
If you can go to the woods for some time, that can be the best thing you could do to yourself but if this ain't gonna happen anytime sooner or later then going to a park to walk your dog too will work.

Jumping outta your house will also give you an opportunity to socialise.
Many studies suggest that the people who socialise in the real world (not on your IG or FB) are more likely to have a well-driven life.


Stop for a while. Observe the world around you. You'd notice the trees, the birds, the sunlight, maybe a cute baby or some school kids.
What I mean to say is you'd observe some great stuff that will relax your brain (cmmon', this little genius also needs some rest).
Take a break from your work and do something relaxing.
Drink a green tea in the Chanoyu way or just sit back and relax listening to some soft music or feel nature's vibes.

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Who likes to clean up that messy bed and that floor with a surfeit of garbage. But this stuff can be a lot more good than you think.
May it be as simple as cleaning up your work table and making your bed or as complex as full-house cleanup but you gotta do some housekeeping stuff.
This has a lot of benefits. Not only your house looks like a place to live in rather than looking like a dump yard but house cleanups also make you a better person.

Keeping that ass stuck on the couch won't get you great things.
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Whether you just go out for a 30-minute walk in the park or play a sport or hit the gym pumping up iron but you gotta do something to move your body at least once every single day no matter what.
I'm pretty damn sure if you follow this one, you'll light a fire under that ass.

It's just fine to get stuck in your life someday or the other but what's rather more important is that you get back in the game ASAP.

What have you done to generate the momentum? Comment down below!



This is AK signing off
Rock Your Day Buddy

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