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Best Ways To Boost-Up Your Confidence | BePerfect U

Best Ways To Boost-Up Your Confidence
The very first day I started this blog, I had a fear. Fear of being judged. What would people think about me, they'd crack jokes, make fun and consider me crazy as shit. 
And to be really true, I once decided to delete this thing(my blog) from the internet, just because of my fear and insecurities.

I really needed to boost up my confidence. The fear held me back. My confidence was extremely meagre. There were days when I used to type a 1000 words and then deleting them thinking what if people won't like it or what if people won't accept it and shit like that.

Calling that a piece of shit now is pretty easy because now I know what all happened was dumb(honestly!). But escaping the darks and seeking for the bright light was a difficult task in itself. 
"A person this anxious on the internet, WOW!, an open invitation to trolls." I thought.

One day, I decided to get out of the cage and free myself.
This journey was a blessing. I'd like to put down my journey from being an anxious, scared fellow to a confident and a happy being. 

1.Face Your Fears

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This was a nightmare for me. Scared of writing on the internet, I had a plethora of self-doubts in my head gushing through my blood all over my body and yelling at me that you can't do it.
Listen up, buddy, you gotta make that shit happen. You will have to face your fears and after all, this will ultimately benefit you. Whether you fear to go to the gym or you fear to talk to new people, get your ass up the couch and punch that fear in its face.

2.Losing is necessary
We fear to lose. Whether it be in a game or whether it be something else. We fear detachment. What we see detachment is not what it really is.

According to the Bhagwat Gita,"Detachment is not that you own nothing. Detachment is that nothing owns you."

I want you to read that line once more and stick it in your head. Understand the meaning what it wants to convey my dear friend.
We fear detachment because we feel like we would isolate ourselves from everything and be alone forever. Instead, detachment is when you are surrounded by everyone but nothing owns you. 
You have to lose something to gain something. So lose your anxieties, detach yourself from self-doubts, fear and excess use of the social media.

3.Declutter Your Mind
You remember how good you were as a child. Clear thoughts, no fear. Just ambitions and curiosity in your head. 

Let's be a child again. Free of all fears, self-limiting thoughts and self-doubts.
Believe in yourself that you are valuable. You can do anything you want.
A great way to declutter and be confident is to do something uncomfortable and push through that pain of discomfort.
This will give a great adrenaline rush and make you more confident.

4.Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower in the morning can be a very hard task for some people(including me). Taking that icy shower puts you through something that your brain presumes as risky or uncomfortable
Taking a mini discomfort dose in the morning will give you a good adrenaline gushing through your veins and will also help you wake-up and feel fresh.

5.Be Grateful
Being grateful in life is so very important guys. It makes you lead life happily. Being grateful for just 10 minutes a day has been proven to uplift your mood by 8.7 times your present mood. 
I want you to do this the very moment you wake up. Be grateful. This will alleviate your dopamine levels making you happy. 
To be grateful, you just have to thank for what you have got in your life. A body with all your limbs working, you have parents, and the most important thing, you are alive.

6.Dress Well

Now, this is something I rarely do as I'm lazy, but dressing yourself up in a good pair of clothes will definitely help you be confident. 
Humans really define what they are by how they dress. So rocking a dope outfit is never a bad idea. There are benefits of dressing well.

7.Groom Yourself
This could have been a part of dressing well but grooming is something very different from the dressing. Though I'm lazy at this part too, I still manage to do a little stuff.

You can change your haircut or have some fancy nail art or just have some tattoos. Explore yourself and free up from any limiting boundaries. This will not only differentiate you from others but will also reflect your sense of independence and freedom.

8.Enjoy The Journey

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What is learned was it wasn't the results that mattered, it was the journey. You must enjoy your way through to yield the best possible results. If you don't enjoy the journey, you will not be willing to put the effort required the next day. 
It's the journey that will help you reach the one you aspire to be.

The confidence indicates the person in you. Facing your fears to rise up will make people notice you, appreciate you and support you. So don't let the fear command you.

Tell us your fears in the comments below!!

And if you enjoyed reading, please do share this with your friends.

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