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How To Wake Up Early | The Power Of Early Mornings | BePerfect U

The Power Of Early Mornings

Working the whole day, you might feel that 24 hours are not enough for you to get through all your work in a day. Switching from late to early mornings are a great way to increases productivity. They are also less demanding due to no distractions.
Currently, the richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos, the Founder and CEO of Amazon wakes up at 5:00 a.m.  Jack Dorsey, the Founder of Twitter wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and the President of The USA starts his day at 4:00 a.m.
Why do the most effective and richest people in the world wake up at such crazy hours? The answer is simple. It enables them to ADD MORE TO THEIR SUCCESS. Jumping out of the bed early has a lot of benefits.
You are less likely to get distracted. In the morning you are by yourself no one around you is bothered about you(they've got their extra precious sleep). The social network is also a silent world in the early morning. And above all, you may find reasons to not do a work later in the day. So you…

Adapt To Changes ASAP! | BePerfect U

How To Adapt To Changes ASAP!

First and foremost I really want to apologize to you guys for such a long long delay. Today's blog is the explanation for all this delay accompanied with the solution to the chaos.
As soon as I published my previous blog, I was clueless about how my schedule would be in the near future. Ignoring that, I went on for a new session at the school. It was then I realized that I wasn't able to take out anytime for blogging.
Even the weekends became dire due to the busy schedule.
Being stuck due to a busy, very busy routine, you can feel awkward and that is natural. This could happen to anyone on the planet. The same was with me.
Then how did I write this blog? You might have thought this till now. But as I told you, I'll give you a solution out of this chaos.

You have to be calm and relax yourself to be intact. 
Taking a break must help in calming your mind and helping you taking better decisions and boosting your confidence.