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How To Have A Great Sleep | Wake Up Fresh In The Morning | BePerfect U

How To Have A Great Sleep

Was it the late night party yesterday or the coffee you drank at 10P.M to complete that project?  Whatever the reason should be but not having a great sleep happens to everyone.
Lack of sleep for a day could be nothing dangerous but in the long run, it would cost a lot of your hard-earned money. The short-term effects may include lack of concentration, short-term loss of memory and lack of motivation.
Though an average adult's sleep requirements as per doctors and researchers are for 7-8 hours. But the quality matters too. 
Here are some awesome ways to have a great sleep.
1. Cool Down Your Room

Cooling down your environment to around 18°c while you are in your bed may have a very significant effect on your sleep. A warm shower or exercising for 15 minutes before sleep would help you sleep faster due to a drastic change in your body temperature before and in the bed.

2.Have a dark room

Sleeping in a well-lit room can be difficult for many people. 
Switching off the …