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How To Have A Great Sleep | Wake Up Fresh In The Morning | BePerfect U

How To Have A Great Sleep

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Was it the late night party yesterday or the coffee you drank at 10P.M to complete that project? 
Whatever the reason should be but not having a great sleep happens to everyone.

Lack of sleep for a day could be nothing dangerous but in the long run, it would cost a lot of your hard-earned money. The short-term effects may include lack of concentration, short-term loss of memory and lack of motivation.

Though an average adult's sleep requirements as per doctors and researchers are for 7-8 hours. But the quality matters too. 

Here are some awesome ways to have a great sleep.

1. Cool Down Your Room

(via stopanimalcruelty0 on Instagram),Due to global warming and Pollution I'm sick of incurable illnesses, hot or extreme cold weather and humidity here in Quebec are killing me, go here to know more,

Cooling down your environment to around 18°c while you are in your bed may have a very significant effect on your sleep.
A warm shower or exercising for 15 minutes before sleep would help you sleep faster due to a drastic change in your body temperature before and in the bed.

2.Have a dark room

Glow In The Dark Shooting Comet With Stars and moon - Outer-space transparent ceiling mural poster

Sleeping in a well-lit room can be difficult for many people. 
Switching off the lights can help with melatonin secretion which is responsible for sleep.


Lavender is a fantastic plant to have around  it looks good, it smells amazing, and it can be harvested for use in cooking and making sachets. It’s also extremely easy to care for, as long as you know how to do it. Learn more about fertilizing lavender here.

If you are serious to take your sleep to a whole next level, then get yourself some lavender oil.
Sniffing up some of this just before bed can help you sleep faster and better.

4.No way
If you want to smoke or have a drink to bust your stress, well my friend I'm sorry to say that you aren't allowed to do so.
Smoking or having alcohol before bed would hamper with your sleep a lot.

5.Bye-bye screens
No phone zone poster

We all stare at screens for the whole day. But what our brain needs is some kind of relaxation. Staring at your mobile in your bed fools your brain to think that it is daytime.
So don't use your phones in your bedroom.

1. It's chilling out here
2. Too dark to wake up
3. Lavenders are wonders
4. No smoking, alcohol or tobacco
5. Goodbye screens

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