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Get More Done In Less Time:Work Smart | BePerfect U

Get More Done In Less Time

Not happy with your life?  Wish your business or blog was going better? Well, get to work and work it out. Here are 19 motivational quotes, just like this one, that motivate you to get started.

With the progressive development of the industrial era came the sense of competitive challenge among people. Today, in 2018 we live in not in a world that was as earlier but in a challenge to thrive for the best and leave others behind. 

The world is a nasty place and our schedules have made it a very demanding task to get our chores done in time. Due to this sense of insecurity for inability to complete any task, we often are scared to do many things thus reducing our productive skills required to be the best.
Today I'd like to give you 5 pieces of advice to help you guys to Get More Done In Less Time.

1. Work Ethic

Always give your best.

Before taking any step to do any task, you must have a really good work ethic for your work ethic determines how well you work. To have an indestructible work ethic you will have to align your mind, body, and soul. Concentrating your mind on one task to put all the physical effort required and loving what you do from not the heart but the soul will make your work ethic as strong as Marcus Cassius Scaeva.

2. Des-traction

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Distraction is an old name to all of us. The very enemy of everyone on this planet. Destroy The Distraction or Des-traction is the solution. In order to complete what we started, distraction must be destroyed.

3. Plan To Conquer The Clan
Think of yourself as a King who wants to expand his empire. Think of your work as the clan you want to rule. In order to expand your empire to its zenith, you need to plan out every strategy you will put into fighting the wars. The wars are nothing but you working on your task.
Planning out every move will not only make you aware of what you are doing but will also keep you away from any sort of distraction in case of any unexpected circumstances.

4. Best "Working Hours"
This is something you must experiment upon. You need to figure out the most productive hours of your day. May it be 5 in the morning or 11 in the night, it depends on what feels the best for you. 
Working in the most productive hours of yours can prove to be the one of the most phenomenal result yielding advice I can give at this very moment.

5. Be Consistent Improving Skills

Results Happen Over Time, Not Overnight Work hard, stay consistent and be patient!
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You may do loads of tedious, great quality and efficient work in a day but it won't count if you sit down and lay your ass in the couch for the whole next week. You have to consistent.
Consistency alone can make a fluid work ethic and also help you improvise your skills.
(This last piece of advice is something I fail to do it too. But I always try to keep making these helpful blogs for my loving readers. Please keep supporting and for sure I'll improve the consistency.)

Click here to read the reference article written by Mary Whitman

1. Create a phenomenal work ethic
2. Destroy the Distraction
3. Plan to win
4. Work in your Best Working Hours
5. Be consistent and keep improving your skills

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