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How To Start Your Day Rocking | BePerfect U

Meanwhile- Her wheeling King--/ Trailed- slow- along the Orchards--/ His haughty- spangled Hems--/ Leaving a new necessity!/ The want of Diadems! /...The Morning- fluttered- staggered--/Felt feebly- for Her Crown--/Her unanointed forehead--/Henceforth--Her only One...Emily Dickinson

The most stubborn issue people face and ask for is how do they get control over their life. And this may sound sad but the fact that you can't do much for the problem is true indeed.
You can't control the weather, not the traffic, not the stock market and a more plethora of things.
It seems that you can't do anything. Right?

The answer is a big NO.
You can control what you do. Your actions are what make you a star or a scar. 

So, how to control your actions...?
Control your mornings. As simple as that. Why only the morning? Because everything starts in the morning. You wake up and either start rocking your day or ruining your day from the very moment you wake up.

Here I present some ways you can rock your mornings and win your days.

"Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Your success or failure comes to how you use it."
All the multimillionaires and billionaires wake up at crazy hours. Do you know why? Because "early mornings equal earnings." You have more time to focus on your work in the morning as neither anyone is disturbing is you nor there is a shortage of time like it is during the day.

In the morning, you can start off your day with a very phenomenal attitude. The feelings you have at the very start of your day is how you'll feel the whole day.

Waking up early has health benefits too. You have some time to pump some iron or just go for a run and breathe some fresh oxygen in. This will please your lungs keeping asthma and other respiratory diseases far away from you. Exercising itself has many benefits which everyone is aware of.
So skipping some of your sleep can prove to be a huge profit for you.

2. Be Grateful

The Sequel - Visit Gratitude

As soon as you wake up, ask yourself, What am I grateful for today? It could be anything, the taxi driver who drove fast so you get to work on time or the shopkeeper who returned the extra cash you gave him. 
Being grateful the very first thing in the morning will elevate your mood making you feel enlightened. 
This also lowers your levels of cortisol which in turn reduces your stress.

3. Project ME
When did you take some time to do something productive for yourself last time?
And if you don't remember, then do it now. Every day, in the morning, do something for yourself which makes you happy as well as improves any of your skills or productivity. This not only makes you a better person but the improvement in your skills can prove to help many people too.

4. Drink Water

Clean Water    Google Image Result for

Sleep with a water bottle next to your bed. Ingesting in water as soon as you wake up will boost up your metabolism making you a healthier being from both the inside and the outside.

5. Do What You Love

DO WHAT YOU LOVE brush script lettering

Everyone has some tasks that they love to do. Doing such tasks in the morning will assure that you remain peaceful, calm and satisfied all day long. May it be cooking, singing, dancing, cleaning, coding or trading(if the stock market is open when you do that) anything would work until you love it.

1. Beat the sun
2. Be grateful
3. Project ME
4. Get some water in
5. Do what you love

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